Welcome to Intelligent Photonics Lab (IPL) and meet Dr. Chang’s research group. IPL has focused on the ultrafast laser related research and applications based on the electro-optical engineering, signal processing, and system integration techniques. If you are interested in joining or collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us and welcome for discussions.


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🔆 2023/03/15:
恭喜實驗室研究成果(第一作者:蕭清倫)發表至 Review of Scientific Instruments。
Congratulations! Ching-Lun’s work, the manuscript entitled “Piezo Bender Controller for Precise Optical Dispersion Compensation Based on Single-shot Optical Interferometry” is now published in the Review of Scientific Instruments.

❗️ 2023/02/03: (photo)
Spring buffet party at Alihi Restaurant at the Queena Plaza Hotel.

🏆 2022/12/04: (photo)
至中央大學參加OPTIC 2022光電科技研討會
Attending OPTIC 2022 at National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

恭喜璿齊、昕立與睿哲三位皆榮獲OPTIC 2022學生論文獎(口頭報告)。
Congratulations! Jui-Chi Chang, Xin-Li Lee, and Jui-Tse Yang all won student paper awards (oral)!

🏆 2022/11/30:
恭喜璿齊參加國祥Nikon 2022顯微攝影大賽獲得靜態攝影組:優選

🏆 2022/11/12: (photo)
Attending AUTOMATION 2022 at Gardenvilla, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

恭喜璿齊榮獲第19屆自動化研討會 學生論文獎 第二名
Congratulations! Jui-Chi won 2nd prize in student paper (oral) competition at AUTOMATION 2022.


🏆 2022/11/07:

❗️ 2022/08/02:
Welcome new lab members: Xiang-Yu Ye, Kai-Hsiang Wang, Xiang-Ting Lin, and Zhi-Wei Xu.

🏆 2022/07/21:

❗️ 2022/07/14: (photo)
Congratulations!  Ching-Lun, Jyun-Zong, Cheng-Jung, and Shu-Yu all passed their thesis defense to earn master’s degree!

🏆 2022/07/13:
Congratulations! Pin-Hsuan and Chia-Chi have their MOST Research Grant for University Students approved!

🔆 2022/07/08:
恭喜實驗室研究成果(第一作者:張書淯)發表至 Optics Express。
Congratulations! Shu-Yu’s work, the manuscript entitled “Real-time adaptive ultrashort pulse compressor for dynamic group delay dispersion compensation” is now published in the Optics Express.

🔆 2022/06/16:
恭喜與陽明交大光電學院陳老師團隊合作研究成果發表至 Scientific Reports。
Congratulations! The manuscript entitled “Image improvement of temporal focusing multiphoton microscopy via superior spatial modulation excitation and Hilbert–Huang transform decomposition” cooperated with Prof. Chen’s group at NYCU is now published in Scientific Reports.

🔆 2022/05/09:
恭喜與工研院雷射與積層製造科技中心團隊之研究成果發表至 AIP Advances。
Congratulations! The manuscript entitled “Nonlinear multiphoton modification of glass substrates for fabrication of high aspect ratio through-glass vias” cooperated with Min-Kai Lee’s group in ITRI LAMC is now published in AIP Advances

🔆 2022/03/23:
恭喜與郭博士和合作團隊之研究成果發表至 International Journal of Molecular Sciences與Carbon。
Congratulations! The manuscripts cooperated with Dr. Kuo and the research group are now both published:
“Two-Photon–Near Infrared-II Antimicrobial Graphene-Nanoagent for Ultraviolet–Near Infrared Imaging and Photoinactivation” in International Journal of Molecular Sciences.
“Graphene near infrared-I/II probe in two-photon excitation-wavelength-independent photoluminescence and photoinactivation” in Carbon.

❗️ 2022/01/14: (photo)
Year-end buffet party at Eatogether.